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We don't like professional photos as they are misleading and our escorts are actually much hotter than in the photos!

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Late Night Babes Sydney. A fun and friendly High Class adult services provider

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Paige  | Sydney Escorts
Tyler  | Sydney Escorts

LNB Escorts Sydney

Late Night Babes Sydney

A well reviewed - fun, friendly and honest adult service provider.

Sydney escort - Paige
Height5 ft 8 in
Paige is a friendly and stunning 22 year old American Brunette who is new to the industry. She is fun, well travelled and chooses to be an escort because she enjoys it :) Shes very open-minded and offers many services. She is a lovely girl and is perfect for both longer and shorter bookings. Paige is an open-minded GFE escort. She is also available occasionally for party bookings upon request.

Paige Sydney, NSW

Sydney escort - Tyler
Height5 ft 7 in
Tyler is a fun friendly and stunning 20 year old Aussie Brunette. Her body has gorgeous curves, she has long luscious brown hair and a very pretty face. She is young, fresh, fun and very stylish and loves to look and feel sexy. Tyler is very open-minded, really enjoys meeting new people, trying new things, and having a good time! She loves being the object of attention and it satisfies her knowing that she has truly fulfilled every one of your fantasies and desires. Tyler also occasionally likes to party and can be available for party bookings upon request. Tyler is a GFE/PSE escort.

Tyler Sydney, NSW

Sydney escort - Carmen
Height5 ft 8 in
Carmen is a fun friendly and stunning 5 Foot 8, 23 year old Busty blue-eyed Australian blonde. She has a smoking hot body with natural D cup breasts, beautiful blue eyes, killer curves and stunning face - although Carmen thinks her personality is her best asset. She is smart, has a great sense of humour and is perfectly comfortable in every situation. Once you get her into the bedroom she transforms into a sexually charged goddess and is ready to fulfil every one of your fantasies. She is more than just your average girl in the street, she is a freak in the sheets and offers a true PSE experience. Carmen is a genuinely bisexual GFE/PSE escort.

Carmen Sydney, NSW

Sydney escort - Imogen
Height5 ft 7 in
Imogen is a stunning and naughty 26 year old European Redhead with gorgeous strawberry blonde/red hair. She is super friendly, loves to chat and is a lot of fun! Imogen chooses to be an escort because she loves it. It gives her the chance to meet new people and give them ultimate pleasure. She is very open-minded and loves to try new things. Imogen is a bisexual GFE/PSE escort. She is also available for couples, ladies, and sexy bisexual duos. She also occasionally likes to party and is available for party bookings.

Imogen Sydney, NSW

Sydney escort - Brooklyn
Height5 ft 4 in
Brooklyn is a fun friendly and beautiful 22 year old Australian Blonde who is reasonably new to the industry. She is bright and bubbly, loves to meet new people and try new things. She is a pleasure to be around and thoroughly enjoys being an escort. Brooklyn is a genuine bisexual PSE/GFE escort. She is also available for ladies, couples and genuine bisexual duos with other LNB ladies. Brooklyn also occasionally likes to party and can be available for party bookings.

Brooklyn Sydney, NSW

Sydney escort - Rachel
Height5 ft 1 in
Rachel is a fun and friendly and stunning 23 year old busty and petite Australian Brunette, and the ultimate pocket rocket. Not only is she the super smart marketing day girl, come the evening she loves transforming into the sexual charged sex bomb that you will just love. Rachel is a true GFE/PSE escort. She is fun, smartly dressed and a great conversationalist - being versed on many different topics, but is also an absolute animal in the bedroom. You will not disappointed she is highly recommended. Rachel is also bisexual and is available for ladies, couples and sexy bisexual duos with other LNB ladies. Rachel also occasionally likes to party and is available for party bookings.

Rachel Sydney, NSW

Sydney escort - Kendall
Height5 ft 10 in
Kendall is a fun, friendly and stunning 19 year old Australian Brunette who is brand new to escorting. She has a body to die for - 5 foot 10 and a perfect size 8 with natural E Cup breasts. It is almost a crime to not show her face as she is total stunner with the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. Kendall is super friendly, smart, and a great conversationalist being versed on many topics and wise beyond her years - she is currently studying at uni.. She is excited to be working as an escort because she loves meeting new people and loves sex. She is not shy and very open-minded - and is an absolute animal in the bedroom. If you are looking for an awesome girl - you have found her! Kendall is a GFE/PSE escort. She is genuinely bisexual and is available for doubles with other LNB ladies. Being only 19 she sometimes enjoys partying - so can sometimes be available for party bookings.

Kendall Sydney, NSW

Sydney escort - Kimber
Height5 ft 6 in
*** Touring Hong Kong 27th Feb till 6th Mar *** Kimber is a sophisticated, sexy and beautiful 25 Year old American Brunette. She has a beautiful smile, tight body, an awesome personality and is very open-minded. Kimber is not only the ultimate sex kitten, she is super fun to talk to and absolute eye candy. No matter what the occasion with Kimber as your companion you will be the envy of many! Kimber is fit, body conscious, loves healthy living and is a devoted yoga fanatic so can bend her body in many ways! She comes to you highly recommended with not only great feedback from clients - but is also well reviewed. Kimber is an exceptional escort and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The photos on this website are actually completely real, recent, and not even professional. They are all amateur images taken by myself - and she looks amazing in those images. She looks even better in person. Kimber is truly an international escort having travelled and worked in many countries. She is currently touring Hong Kong. She is very popular so to avoid disappointment its recommended you book as soon as you can. Kimber is also genuinely bisexual and is available for ladies, couples, and other LNB ladies.

Kimber Sydney, NSW

Sydney escort - Lana
Height5 ft 4 in
Lana is a sexy and stunning 25 year old size 6 Australian blonde. She is very fun, extremely naughty and loves being an escort. Lana has a perfect figure and gorgeous D cup breasts. She loves dirty talk and anything naughty. Don't be fooled by her looks - she is also smart, a great conversationalist and well informed on many topics. Lana occasionally likes to party and is available for party bookings. Lana is genuinely bisexual and is available for couples, ladies, and sexy bisexual duos with other LNB ladies Lana is a smoking hot GFE/PSE escort.

Lana Sydney, NSW

Sydney escort - Sascha
Height5 ft 9 in
Sascha is a Tall, stunning, naturally busty and Intelligent American Redhead with a killer body and sexy curves who is brand new to escorting. She loves being naughty and is much fun to be around. Sascha is a GFE escort. She is also very bisexual and is also available for couples, ladies and sexy bisexual duos with other LNB ladies. More to come

Sascha Sydney, NSW

Why choose our Sydney Escorts ?

We are an awesome agency

Fun and Friendly Escorts, Sydney

We are a fun, friendly and honest high class agency. The ladies we work with are not only stunning, but are also Awesome at their job because they genuinely love what they do and do so because they choose too! We only work with ladies hat we genuinely believe you will have a good time with!

High Class Sydney Escorts

Even though our prices are low compared to our competitors, not only are all of our ladies High Class, they are also the best at what they do. Not only are they amongst the hottest girls in the industry, they are some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Sydney Escort Pricing

The pricing of our services compared to our competitors is very reasonable. We do not negotiate so please do not ask. Prices are as listed on each individual profile page. Our prices are generally all inclusive unless specified on the ladies individual profile.

Choosing a Sydney Escort

We have done all the hard work for you. We get many applications from girls wanting work. Why don't we have a bigger selection? Quite frankly the right kind of girl is not easy to find. We work with only ladies that we truly love, as we believe you will love them too! Check each profile carefully as each service provider offering different services and experience. Call us for friendly, reliable advice on choosing the perfect companion

Our selection of Escorts

Finding the right girls to work with is a challenge, so sometimes our selection may be limited - however rest assured we believe you will have a fantastic time with any of the sexy babes on this site.

Genuine Photos

Yes! Our photos are all real and not very good. The girls all look better in real life than their photos. You will be pleasantly surprised

Our Sydney Escort Agency

We don't just look at this as a business, treat the ladies we work with like commodities, or our clients like chumps - We actually love the ladies we work with and it makes us feel good knowing that our clients are happy too! If you are searching for the very best companions, we genuinely only work with girls that actually want to work and love their job - and ladies that we truly like. Most of them are not from other agencies, and have not been Independents - most are new to the industry and have never been treated badly. We are all friends in this agency and any companion that you book through us is there because she wants to be there!

The girls don't work for us - they work with us as a valued partner. They choose when they work and who they see. We specifically hand pick the ladies we work with based on not only looks but also their personality. The companions we represent are not low end or trashy, they are stylish, sophisticated, well educated and well spoken and perfect high end companions in their own right. Most of them are young and still in their teens(Under 25), and do like to party occasionally as young girls do - but only on a recreational basis. We do not take advantage of drug addicted ladies. For their own benefit any lady that appears to be drug addicted we will not work with and will encourage them to seek help.

Customers love our Sydney Escorts

We are well respected and one of Sydney's favourite agencies. We believe in forming relationships with both our clients and the amazing models that we represent. We do not believe in treating the girls like commodities or clients like chumps. We are proud of our business. We achieve nothing by ripping off clients. If we haven't got available the girl you are looking for, or a suitable replacement we will simply say "Sorry we can't help you". This industry is so small. We will never be like other agencies who have damaged their brand so much by treating clients like chumps that they have now had to resort to listing their "escorts" (for lack of a better term) as fake privates.

Our Sydney Escort Photographs

I know this can be a sore topic for most clients. For a long time, agencies used fake photos of Sth American / non-English speaking models and promoted those photos as the actual girl. As clients got wise to that - they started (the now current trend) using actual photographs of the girl that were taken by a professional photographer but overly editing / photoshopping them to make them look amazing. At what point does a real photograph turn into a fake photo? Sure I could take a photo of Rosanne Barr and make her look like a babe in photoshop if I really wanted to. I'm not sure what your thought is on this practise? Personally I think its pretty much just as bad as using a fake. If you are paying $500 for an hour for an escort then you rightly deserve to see an image that accurately depicts the person that you have chosen. Here at LNB - we guarantee that every image on our website that is used to advertise one of our sexy models is not only a real and recent image of the actual model being advertised - it, and more importantly - is an ACCURATE representation of the girl we are promoting to the best of our abilities. We are sick of trying to work with arrogant overpriced photographers who will give you the finished final images "when they are ready" only having to get them to redo them because they have heavily edited/airbrushed them. So most of the photos on this site are taken by me (Hannah). I am not by ANY means a photographer. I do not even rate myself as a photographer. So any lady that you book through us will yes look like the photograph but 99% of the time they are sooo much hotter in real life than in the photographs. Make no mistake the ladies we work with are all stunning and are not only some of the most beautiful escorts in the industry - but most beautiful women on the planet and have plenty of escort experience.

Our Sydney Escort Reviews speak for themselves

LNB, and many of the awesome service providers that we represent have genuine client reviews on most Australian Adult Forum / Review sites. We aren't going to fill this site with pointless fake reviews like many others do - instead why not read our reviews for yourself? Most of our reviews can be found on PunterPlanet. As we are not a paid advertiser on there our agency reviews are not "public", however it is very easy to create a free account and if you navigate to the reviews section - NSW Reviews - NSW Escort Agencies you will find 70 or so reviews for the agency and many of the ladies we work with.

Even if you can't find a review for one of our girls - Don't let that stop you from booking. I would be very surprised if you had a bad time with ANY of the girls that we work with. We specifically only work with girls who are good at their job and actually enjoy being an escort.

Escort Jobs in Sydney

Are you looking to work with one of the best and most trusted agencies in Sydney? With people who truly care about you? Many of whom are like family to each other while having a great time and earning great money? We are always looking for more fun, fabulous and beautiful girls that want to work as an escort. If you are after escort work or an adult job - feel free to apply online or give me a call

Sydney Private and Independent Escorts

Why waste your time booking and dealing with private escorts, trying to searching for that hidden talent. We have already done that for you! The ladies that we work with are true treasures in their own right and are amongst the best in the industry. All of the models that we represent we do so because we like them. They are not just beautiful on the outside - but beautiful on the inside too!. Give us a call tonight you will find booking the perfect date a breeze.

Sydney Escort Payment Options

We are a cash only agency. This means that you pay the ladies directly with cash upon arrival. We do not accept Credit Card, do not accept cheques or bank transfer under any circumstances. If you can only pay by credit card - you can pull cash out of your credit card from any major bank ATM before the booking commences. If you have to go get money out once the lady arrives - the time starts from when she arrives - not from when you have gotten the money.

NewSydney Escort Clients

We are all about customer service and making sure our clients are happy. Our goal is to create long and lasting ties with you the client. To get to know you and understand your requirements - we insist that you must call us to make a booking. We will not make a booking for you via text message. Don't let that scare you though we are super friendly and ready to assist. We do recommend making bookings as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

Regular/KnownSydney Escort Clients

If you have given us permission to store your number in our phone and we know who you are - then we will make a booking for you via SMS. Don't be alarmed your numbers and any personal information will never be used or contacted outside of the booking window or shown to any 3rd party. All conversations are 100% confidential

Private/Blocked Numbers

Due to the sheer volume of nuisance calls we get - we often don't answer private numbers. Please try to call us with your number showing - otherwise your call will probably go unanswered. Even if you do get through to us we will ask you to ring us back with your number displayed before discussing anything - A contact phone number for you is mandatory. This is not negotiable

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed our site and found your perfect Sydney lady!

We look forward to assisting you with any enquiries.


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